Lets New Year Parties

We keep one resolution each year, is to throw awesome gatherings and events for you all and to celebrate, host an awesome and memorable new year party on a yacht. 

Our new year parties are easy to understand. There is the luxury yacht, the music for entertainment, the delicious mouth-watering dinner buffet, desserts & we cannot forget beverages! After organizing and hosting these parties in the past years, we are more than confident to say that all of them have been memorable.

When we serve our beverages, they are:

  • Lets Spirits & Cocktails

  • Lets Shots

  • Free flow Beers + Ciders

  • Free flow Soft Drinks

  • Vodka

  • Champagne

  • Wine

  • Whiskey

For further entertainment, we also will have a lucky draw at the party – One lucky winner goes home with a magnificent present!

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