Lets Weekly Gatherings

This is how we started the Lets Meetup Group. We had the idea to connect people, make new friends by sharing a meal together. We believed there is more to do in Hong Kong besides having a nice drink with friends.

We invite everyone for an evening of good food and conversation. After some time, the dinner community grew bigger and stronger. We got to meet a lot of people from different races and it was always fascinating getting to know them.

From sharing a meal together, we expanded into recreational activities such as paintball, war game / air soft, rock climbing, escape room, bowling and even game nights which included "Virtual Reality, Board Games, Pool Soccer, Darts, Billiards, Console Gaming, Air Hockey". If one is keen to have a casual simple gathering, we also have coffee meetups to share topics. We continue to expand horizons on gatherings and will continue to introduce new ways to connect. 

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