Lets Beach Parties

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Beach Parties are one of the most celebrated events for Lets Events. Thanks to the large crowd of hundreds of people, it brings together both old and new faces to celebrate in true Hong Kong style.

From early afternoon to late midnight, revellers will take over the beach as they will dance, eat and drink to their hearts content. We play games, swim in the warm ocean waters, and overall enjoy one of the last few summer events before the coming of autumn.

We will barbeque fresh meat and vegetables, as well as vegetarian options. All are in abundance for party goers to barbeque on fire pits throughout the night. In addition to soft drinks and water provided by us, there is no shortage in alcoholic drinks and we are not just talking beers, apart from it we will also serve you vodka, ciders & cocktails.

For further entertainment, Lets hires the best DJ to entertain and provide music, only adding to the fun and swinging atmosphere.

Lets Events will continue to improve with new concepts of ideas to present during our events & a source of entertainment, fun, and a good time for both the new to the city and the well established.

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