Apps for Hong Kong Expats

Updated: May 14, 2019

If you are new to / an expat in Hong Kong, you might as well take advantage of the technology presented to us in this digital age we live in. There are many apps to choose from when you stay in Hong Kong but here are some key essential apps we believe will help your stay even more comfortable than it already is; lets dive in:

1. Openrice Hong Kong 

This will be your restaurant encyclopedia. This app is popular among everyone in Hong Kong. Any information you need to find about restaurants, such as type of food / location / price / contact number / online booking / reviews, this app has it!

2. Deliveroo Hong Kong

Among the popular food delivery services, we have to give the nudge to Deliveroo because of its slick design and user-friendliness. It is so much easier to sign up on the app, edit your personal details and you are not required to input credit card details when you checkout, instead you can simply scan your card.

3. MTR mobile

MTR is so crucial for everyone living in Hong Kong especially if you need to get from point A to B. It is said that Hong Kong has one of the best transportation systems in the world and MTR is one of the reasons. This app can be like a bible to understand how to navigate between stations. It will tell you how much it will take to get from your current location to your desired stop and will show you the route and of course access to the full map.

4. Gogo Van

This app is Uber for Vans. The app functions almost every single way as Uber, where one of the differences is that this app is for those who have bulky items and you need it to be delivered to a certain point. For instance, you need assistance to move to another apartment and it will be near to impossible to take all of your items through public transport. Another difference is that this app allows you to pay cash in hand to the driver instead of just using your credit card online. 

5. HK Taxi

When you arrive Hong Kong, you will see that it won't be as easy as you might have thought to hail a cab. Some taxis are either taken, out of service or the drivers refuse to drive you because it is a possibility they don't understand you. This app will solve almost all the problems. You won't need to register an account to make it work, instead after downloading the app, all you need to do is to find a nearby taxi. To find one, you will need to input details such as:

a) Pick up location b) Destination c) Your contact number d) Which route you prefer e) If you want the driver to understand English.

No matter how you input the address, it will show to the driver in both languages (Chinese & English)

6. WeChat

This app is just like Whatsapp to send / receive messages, files, make calls - but we recommend WeChat because of the trend going on in China (slowly moving towards Hong Kong) which is that you can use WeChat Pay to make payments almost anywhere you go. For instance, you won't be required to bring your wallet with you to a supermarket in China but instead use WeChat to make the payment. Convenience stores like Circle K are already implementing this way of payment and some service companies like Hong Kong Taxi's are already promoting this new way of payment and so we believe this app will be essential for your living in Hong Kong. You will need to connect your bank account to WeChat Pay and when you make payment for a service, you will just need to scan the QR code.

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