What is Lets Events

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Since late 2015, Lets Events has been connecting expats and locals through unique and exciting meet-ups, gatherings, and other social events in Hong Kong. The Founders are on a mission to host totally ballin’ events, from distinctly Hong Kong classics like junk boat parties to crazy fun cycling outings that end in barbecue dinners that go long into the night, from movie nights to exclusive roof-top parties overlooking a skyline that is totally quiche.

You gotta believe me when we tell you that your mind is going to be totally blown away when you come to a Lets event because we put their hearts and souls into every single one of these banging events with the sole purpose of making other people happy. We're doing it to bring people together in this crazy little city, bridge the gap between cultures, ease the burden of homesickness and culture shock, and make connections that are so going to last a lifetime.

We guarantee you’re going to be like “woah holy cow man this was legit the greatest night of my whole week, I can’t wait for the next event la, totally quiche man.” And guess what my dear reader, they are totally open to suggestions. Yeah that’s right, you read correctly, we are totally open to collaboration. You want to go rock climbing at dark whilst David Bowie plays in the background? Boom we are going to make that happen because we are all about making people happy, no matter how crazy the idea. Literally. What’s that? You’re a raw vegan but you still want to come chill with us at the cool kid’s table at one of our exclusive beach parties or at one of our yacht parties or at one of our famed Halloween or Christmas parties? Don’t worry girlfriend, we will have got you covered. Everyone is well taken care of at a Lets party. So what are you waiting for? Lets get together and party hard into the night because we’ve only got one life to live.

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