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Have you had a chance to try our cocktails at our events ? Would you be been to try them ? We have been serving our cocktails for many years now and we are confident you will love them.

Each cocktail has a different feel to it and we want to cater to everyone possible. Check out what we have to offer
 in our events.


You may also order them from us & we will make them for you at delivery. Simply scroll down and send us a message and we will get back to you no more than 2 working days.

All Lets Cocktails are originally created by our team. We believe our creations will give you a good time, a different and fun experience

*Lets Create Magic*

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Cocktail Menu:

Nice, refreshing drink you can enjoy anytime during the year, whether its at summer times (beach, resorts, outside swimming pools) or a simple home gathering. 

It has that perfect taste which is not too sweet nor too bitter to enjoy a good company. You will notice a color change when the drink is being mixed into your glass. Classic drink for young women.

Tastes Like: Sweet Summer, Floral.

Lets Ms J

This beautiful cocktail turned out to be a nice surprise for us. Initially, this started off as an experiment at a birthday party for one of the co-founders of this group. 

After receiving wonderful reviews about how smooth this drink is, this became one of the most wanted & requested drinks at our events.

Tastes Like: Wealth, Sex Appeal, Candies.

Lets Mr K

One of the most refreshing yet delicious drink we have created.


After drinking for a while, you will fall in love and this drink will help release any stress level because of its amazing taste.


Perfect for any occasion with your loved ones!

Tastes Like: Affection, Romantic Movie, Sweetness.

Lets Kiss

We've been seeing that a gentleman's drink is served in a whiskey glass but to be fair we are serving cocktails and so we think we rather serve this in a tall glass yet the flavor to be strong and sophisticated enough!

Tastes Like: Mojito but IT IS NOT, less sugar & more exquisite.

Lets Gentleman

One of the, if not, the strongest drinks we have created. Does it taste stronger than a tequila ? Are you strong enough to handle its capacity ?

Tastes Like: Workout, Steroids, Proteins

Lets Muscle (Shot)

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